Landbot Alternative: Why go with Jikoo?

Lack of deep ticketing and mobile support forcing you to juggle multiple screens? Try Jikoo.

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So what’s the difference between Landbot and Jikoo?

It is our attention to user experience.

You’ll find Jikoo to be designed for ease of use (growing businesses have a lot on their plate already). And a pricing model that’s affordable and enables your brand to get the best software, without breaking the bank.

The founding team at Jikoo initially worked and built customer communication software at high-growth startups. From the roots, we are built for the growing GTM teams, the underdogs, the ones trying to change the world from the ground up.

We created Jikoo to be the best Livechat and no-code chatbot software for growing businesses.

We've got a job - defusing landmines

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Red flag - No mobile SDK

Do you have an app that provides a mobile-first experience?

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Other top reasons why you should switch to Jikoo

  • faster team colloboration

    Collaborate with your team and respond to customer queries from a single screen. 

  • Unlimited contacts

    Our plans are not based on the number of visitors you have in a month.

  • Route messages intelligently

    Auto-route messages based on conditions like your team member’s skill levels and existing chat load.

  • User Roles & Permissions

    Set user roles and permissions to assign different functions to different team members.

  • Chatbot Template Library

    Explore our selection of top 50+ business use case scenarios and deploy conversational experiences in minutes.

  • Mobile SDK

    Offer the same chatbot experience your web customers know and love, optimized for mobile.

Real users feedback - Landbot

 Sourced from Capterra

Not straightforward to set up google tag manager, facebook pixel, google analytics. While guides are provided, there are no examples.

George H - CEO and Co-founder

Landbot may seem quite easy to use at first but things can get quite tricky if you want to develop an advanced or complex bot. Zoom in to a particular aspect of the bot, and then zoom out to look at the bot in its entirety isn't available.

Yann I - Marketing Consultant

They advertise additional functionality like the ability to add custom tracking code for Facebook and Google Ads. However, these features do not function properly and when you request support, they are absolutely useless. You can check out their Facebook reviews, I am not the only one experiencing issues.

Joe G - Founder

Don't be penalised for using automations!

Don’t bleed your developer's energy or worse yet, your own. Let’s call a spade a spade, Landbot has the reputation (and it’s true) of being an overpriced product that frustrates its customers with an unpredictable and complicated pricing model when you add integrations.

Celebrate seamless automations and integrations being getting charged for them.

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With Jikoo, you'll be in the hands of a team that cares.

  • 10 minutes

    We know most other chat software take forever to figure out. And that's why Jikoo is built to get you up & running in a matter of minutes.

  • 1:1 concierge onboarding

    You’ll receive dedicated support whatever the plan you select. No need to get a higher plan just to have your queries answered.

  • 7 days trial

    We'll start you off with 7 days of free trial to explore all the features with no restrictions. Once you're ready, our affordable plans will greet you.

Our customers say Jikoo is easy-to-use. They also love our fast & friendly support 😍

Shyam Shyam

“Customer experience is prime to us. Jikoo has helped us to be responsive to our customers through chatbots. The Jikoo app is a breeze to use. The Jikoo team has been very helpful throughout.”

Shyam Sundar Nagarajan, Founder & CEO
Gofloater Gofloater

Jikoo is the only Live Chat software you will ever need to handle all your customer interactions. It's super nice to just talk to your customers through Live Chat and instant feedback. ”

Shekar, Founder at Natural Harvests

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