Benefits of Live Chat for startups and SMES

updated on 16 September 2021
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A customer enters a clothes store intending to purchase a pair of jeans. He looks through several stacks of clothes unable to find the jeans he wants. He looks out for a service person, but can’t find one. After searching around for a few more minutes, the customer leaves the store, frustrated at not being able to find the product.

The Customer Didn’t Get What He Wanted

The Business Lost Sale and Revenue

The scenario described above occurs in e-commerce platforms on a regular basis. Customers, unable to find the information they need, simply abandon the cart and fail to make a purchase. The solution to this problem is to immediately and accurately address customer needs using Live Chat based support.


Here are 5 advantages of deploying Live Chat on your E-commerce platform:

Generates Better Revenues for Your Organisation

3 among every 4 customers prefer to engage with and buy from platforms that provide immediate service. This is seen as a sign of valuing customer time, and is appreciated extensively by customers. By deploying Live Chat, Organisations have seen significant revenue improvement.

Valuable Customer Insights

Data is wealth. When you enable live chats, you can assess customer behaviour and develop or optimise your offerings to cater to the needs of the users. In contrast to feedback, which is a lagging indicator, customer interest is a leading indicator and helps organisations prospectively take action.

Humanises the Shopping Experience

In the recent past, people were excited about shopping online with no human assistance. However, things have changed and people want to interact with humans, get their options and evaluate their suggestions before they make a purchase decision. Providing them the Live Chat option enables better customer interaction and humanises the experience.

Optimises Customer Service

The customer conversion rate is a paltry 1% in e-commerce owing to poor customer service. When Live Chats are used, a representative can cater to multiple people at the same time, leaving lesser time for the customer to get frustrated. Additionally, using a combination of a Chatbot and Live Chat can provide automated answers to simple queries, leaving the service personnel to answer more difficult ones.


24x7 Support

A customer wants to buy a product at midnight, and call support isn’t an option. In such a scenario live chat is the only feasible choice. Customer service personnel can either work remotely or can work from different geographies to effect this interaction.

42% of People Prefer Live Chat to Any Other Type of Customer Support.


Coming back to the example we discussed earlier. Wouldn't we love to make instant purchases if only we got instant information on the product? We are sure that each and every one of us would have given up on purchasing a product, and abandoned the cart when we didn't get any answers.

Let's go a step ahead and provide customers service that is better than what they expect. Let us support them through every step of the customer journey and in turn help ourselves and our organisation grow.

Providing customers their preferred choice is essential for businesses to stay afloat and thrive. Don’t be that business that offers quality products, but let’s customers slip through on account of poor customer service.

Deploy Live Chats Now!

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