How to Boost Your Conversion Rate by 45% with Live Chat

published on 13 July 2021

The one question many organisations have, but don’t have an answer to is “How can we boost our customer conversion rate?”

The answer to this question lies in providing potential and returning customers that right solutions, products and answers at the right time. A Live Chat solution is among the solutions that offer instant redressal to queries and offer organisations the chance to quickly capture customers before they have the necessity to explore other products.

A Case Study:

Two universities, that we shall refer to as ‘University X’ and ‘University Y’ offered internet enabled blended learning programs in science, arts and a variety of other subjects. Both advertised their programs in their newspapers. Both universities got thousands of hits on their page in the week after the advertisement. However, University X got more enrolments than University Y.

What was the factor that made the difference in conversion?

When people were looking out for distance education programs, they had several queries on the admissions cycle, eligibility criteria and a host of other factors. When they visited University Y’s page, they were not able to get their answers to their queries as the FAQ page wasn’t comprehensive enough. In fact, many potential students were unable to find the FAQ page and simply gave up post visiting the page.

Live Chat: The Solution to Higher Customer Conversion


On the other hand, when people visited University X, they noticed the ubiquitous and prominent ‘Chat Now’ button on the page. A good number of serious applicants opened the ‘Live Chat’ and had their queries addressed. Queries that could be easily answered were addressed in seconds by a Chatbot.

For answers and queries that needed human intervention, potential customers were automatically redirected to a customer service representative, who then provided them the answers in minutes.

The ‘Live Chat’ kept the customers engaged, answered their queries and ensured the retention of their interest in the course.

Why do live chats work?

From contests and social media campaigns, organisations have left no stone unturned in ensuring that potential customers transform into paying customers, and ultimately recurring customers. However, one tool that has been extremely handy in facilitating the conversion has been ‘Live Chat’.

The impact of direct interaction with customers in real time is unparalleled. When customers want to buy a product, they do not make their purchase decision based on the product alone. Their decision is made by a combination of factors including customer service and transparency, and Live Chats facilitate that and more.

Live Chats also help customers build personalised connections between customers and enterprises. When a customer reaches out to an enterprise through a chatbot, and receives a personalised response within minutes, they tend to pick that enterprise and also turn their bias in favour of the establishment that offers them the best customer service.

Live Chat Vs. Other Solutions


It is 9.00 am in the morning and a customer wants to purchase a Health Insurance Plan. The customer scours the internet and shortlists three organisations offering plans that provide good value. To make the final call, the customer visits the first providers website. The customer support system places a call; however, the customer is told to wait that he needs to wait for ten minutes. This turns into half an hour and the customer gives up.

The second firm collects his queries and promises to send him a mail with the answers. The provider does indeed send a response a few hours later. However, the customer has already made his purchase decision by choosing the third provider, who answered all his queries in minutes.

The process of customer service, set the customer thinking about ‘If I fall ill and urgently need insurance, will these firms reply in the nick of time?’

Having experienced quality customer service real-time, at the first instance, the customer chose the third provider.

The Bottom Line:

Live Chat Has the Last Laugh

If your mind is wavering between deploying Live Chat and any other option, here are some facts:

Live Chat is Most Convenient

In contrast to call support and email support, where you most certainly need several service personnel to answer queries, live chat offers an instant solution to customers at a lower personnel cost for the company. Since simple and redundant queries can be answer by an AI Chatbot and humans can answer questions that need a higher order of thinking

56% of Gen Z and Millennials Prefer Live Chats

Today’s youth are always on the run and need instant solutions. Live chats offer them instant answers and help them make quick purchase decisions.

One Among Every Two Online Shoppers Use Live Chat

Are you looking to make a quick purchase and need some information before you add the item to the cart? No worries, the Live Chat will answer your doubt and help you make the purchase decision instantly.

Use Live Chats and watch your conversion rates soar to 45% as your customers choose you exemplifying customer service.

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