Fair Use Policy - Jikoo

updated on 19 October 2021

What is this Policy About

This Fair Use Policy is stated to prevent the immoderate use of Jikoo servers, caused by excessive traffic coming from a small number of users. It is applicable to all Users with an active Jikoo account.

Users are allowed to have big campaigns with increased traffic, as long as the average traffic over longer periods is not significantly higher than that of other users.

In case a User keeps generating significantly more traffic than the average for the corresponding subscription, Jikoo may intervene. This means that there is an estimated limit to the amount of traffic that User's bots are allowed to generate, as we explain further in this Fair Use Policy.

This policy also includes fair use considering the storage of files in our servers, according to the volume of chats and limitations applicable to each plan.

Why do we implement this Policy

Most of our customers use their accounts fairly, and their usage levels don't affect our system and the services we provide.

However, if a few customers use our services unfairly, sometimes without even being aware of the huge traffic they are constantly generating, their excessive use can greatly affect the quality of our services.

This means that all Jikoo Users would be affected by the performance of the system, making it slower for everyone to access a bot or maintain a conversation.

Therefore, our Fair Use Policy prevents the excessive use of our platform, and makes sure our services can be used fairly by everyone.

To make sure everything is running smoothly and make sure that end users have the best experience possible, we monitor continuously the monthly traffic of our subscribers.

How does our Policy work

Under this Policy we have defined a fair usage level, which has been set above normal so that most Users will not be affected by it.

If you plan to have the amount of traffic higher than the limits referred below, please reach out to [email protected] to avoid any issues with one of your live campaigns.

Reaching or exceeding the fair usage levels repeatedly will result in the deactivation of the bot and/or suspension of the account that is causing the violation of this Fair Usage Policy.

Limit per hour

The limit set is 2,000 concurrent chats (conversations) within 60 minutes, per account.

That means, 2,000 (two thousand) chats within one hour per account.

We will inform the customer via email when 80% of this limit is reached. If the customer does not reply to our contact, the corrective measures mentioned in this Policy may be applied.

Limit per month

The limit set is:

(a) 100 sessions per month per workspace in the Sandbox plan.**

(b) 10,000 sessions per month per workspace in the Pro plan.

(c) 50,000 sessions per month per workspace in the Unlimited plan.

(d) Unlimited sessions per month with 2,000 chats limit per hour/per workspace in the LTD plans.

That means that even if you are within the 2,000 chats per hour limit, in the event of surpassing the above-mentioned limits per month, our Business Development team will reach out to you to find the best solution for your needs.

You can also reach them out at [email protected] to ask any questions you may have. 

We will inform the customer via email when 80% of this limit is reached. If the customer does not reply to our contact, the corrective measures mentioned in this Policy may be applied.

**For Sandbox plans, the account will only support 100 chats per month. No notification will be sent when 80% of this limit is reached, and you will be invited to upgrade in order to receive more chats.

Files storage

When users upload files in their interaction with bots, these files are stored in our servers. To avoid excessive use of our storage, we defined a limitation of file upload per year for each account.

All the plans will have a limitation of 5 MB per file sent.

Please contact our team if you plan to exceed these limitations, writing to [email protected] to avoid any issues with one of your live campaigns.

Other limits:

1. With LTD ($597) Plan, you can create 10,000 (Ten thousand) tickets per month. Jikoo may review and allow the creation of more tickets as per the unlimited tickets policy.

2. LTD ($597) Plan cannot be shared between multiple companies. All websites must belong to the company or individuals who have purchased the plan. Jikoo allows only 1 workspace to be used on this plan.

3. All deals and LTD plans are not transferrable.

4. Outsourcing companies, agencies, resellers are not eligible to purchase Deals and LTD plans for their customers.

5. You cannot use our chatbots to generate direct revenue by selling our chatbot service to your customers.

The above rules are applicable in addition to other terms, mentioned in the User Agreement.

To whom our Policy applies

The Fair Usage Policy is applicable to all Users, in any plan.

However, the Fair Use Policy will only actually affect the User if the account is one of the very few that make inappropriate use of our services.

Final Terms

We reserve the right to modify the terms of the Fair Use Policy at any time if necessary.

If after reaching the levels of usage previously stated, the excessive or elevated use continues to occur, we reserve the right to:

(i) suspend or limit our services provided to the account or any feature of it, for any period we think is required without further notice;

(ii) apply additional charges for the breach of this policy; and/or

(iii) possibly terminate the account in breach of this policy.

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