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Increase team efficiency, make customers happier, and do more with Jikoo by connecting your tech stack with our apps.

Iphone 12, 12 pro – 26

Integrations launching soon ⏰

Whatsapp Integration

Build an intelligent chatbot on your WhatsApp Business Account in under 10 minutes.

Livechat – 5

Integrate tools you use every day

Powerful apps and integrations to acquire, engage and retain more customers


Slack & Live chat Integration

Reply to incoming messages from Slack

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Facebook & Chatbot Integration

Reply to Messenger DM from your Jikoo inbox


Twitter & Chatbot Integration

Reply to Twitter DM from your Jikoo inbox


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Connect Jikoo as a source and clip customer data from 200 platforms, effortlessly



Easy automation for busy people. You can connect any of the 1,000+ integrated apps on Zapier together to make your own automations.

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Send Jikoo conversations to Outreach and trigger follow-up tasks, sequences and other activities in Outreach

Website Builders

Shopify logo


Delight your Shopify customers with personalised support and automatic messages via Jikoo.



Install Jikoo across your WordPress site so you can start chatting to visitors.



Add Jikoo to your website on Webflow in a single click.




Keep your CRM up-to-date by automatically creating new leads in Salesforce when they’re captured in Jikoo and sync data and conversations

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Ensure HubSpot stays up-to-date by automatically syncing new leads you capture along with qualification data you collect.

Pipedrive logo


Seamlessly sync deals, leads and conversations between Jikoo and Pipedrive, so you have the context you need to capture and convert more leads. 

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Zoho Desk

Create tickets in Zoho Desk using conversations from Jikoo Inbox, without having to juggle between multiple tabs, and copy-pasting information field-by-field.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Give your team mates the ability to create and view valuable CRM data without ever leaving Jikoo. Jump direct to CRM records and make decisions effortlessly and without switching tabs.


Outlook calendar

Outlook Calendar

Seamlessly book meetings with leads and customers

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Google Calendar

Let leads and customers book meetings in the Messenger directly



Skip the scheduling back and forth, with Calendly for Jikoo

Humanizing the Digital Experience

Shyam Shyam

“Customer experience is prime to us. Jikoo has helped us to be responsive to our customers through chatbots. The Jikoo app is a breeze to use. The Jikoo team has been very helpful throughout.”

Shyam Sundar Nagarajan, Founder & CEO
Gofloater Gofloater

Jikoo is the only Live Chat software you will ever need to handle all your customer interactions. It's super nice to just talk to your customers through Live Chat and instant feedback. ”

Shekar, Founder at Natural Harvests