Our Promise

Hi there,

We are glad you’re here and I am really excited to personally welcome you to Jikoo. I want to tell you a bit more about who we are.

The founding team at Jikoo initially worked and built customer communication software at high-growth startups. From the roots, we are built for the growing GTM teams, the underdogs, the ones trying to change the world from the ground up.

You’ll find Jikoo to be designed for ease of use (growing businesses have a lot on their plate already). And a pricing model that’s affordable and enables your brand to get the best software, without breaking the bank.

At Jikoo, we understand that "There is only one boss. The customer". Our philosophy, at Jikoo, is very simple - "Treat the customer like you would want to be treated".

When you are looking to buy our software, we will be a friend who will honestly let you know if our products are the right solution for your business.

When you’re getting started with our products, we will be a friend who will get you up and running quickly.

If you are experiencing a problem, we will be a friend who will stand with you till we resolve your problem.

Interactions are short-lived, but the relationships we build are for life. We want to help you find and keep customers as your raving fans for life.

We’re Jikoo and we’re in the business of making customer interactions easier.


Santhosh Kumar Elango

Co-Founder & CEO

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